Bribe Portal for Pakistan



Im in the midst of starting a new project in Pakistan which would document BRIBES being paid across the country - the intention is to allow users to submit incidents of bribes being paid but with no name being mentioned. This is to document the information. The idea is based on in India where they anonymously document the incidents. Categorize it according to "where" it was paid etc with a small story to boost

My question - I believe Ushahidi is a great tool to achieve data collection from a large variety of sources, mapping is probably the easiest part - but is there a way to create hotspot images of the amount of bribe taken in a particular office, district, town, city etc etc a more graphic representation of where there is more corruption and which area of government office is leeching the most?

With Ushahidi undergoing some amazing development, im a little lost as to what might be the best installation method to deploy - crowdmap? or a custom installation - we do have a domain planned for ourselves also....

Would appreciate guidance - can skype