Best contact or method for providing updates to documentation for Ushahidi self-hosted installation


Hello - our organization recently completed a self-hosted install of the Ushahidi software.

We used the manual for v3 available through the Support site (this document -

While we finally got things working, we also found that for our level of knowledge there were some gaps. We would love to update some areas of the documentation, but while the manual states “Feedback is welcome and will be incorporated into the guide.” there is no address or contact person listed.

Where should we send such feedback?

Thanks in advance - Chris


Just looping back on this - is there a preferred email or other contact for sharing our documentation suggestions for the manual?


Thanks @chrisjow for your message. We are working on opening up the manual and other bits of documentation for public contribution. This is an active effort and we will be sending out comms soon. Stay tuned!


Developer and Contributor documentation for the project is now at : - this corresponds to this github location:

The usage manual is at - and corresponds to this github location :