Automaticaly deleting of published messages


As I understand as it goes now - SMSSync moves all published messages from “Incomming” section to “Published” section.
Does SMSSync have capability to automatically delete published messages at once after sending to server (without moving to “Published”) ?
If not - Is it possible to add this feature in the app ?



have you checked the option “Auto Delete Messages” under “Automation” in Settings ?

If I recall correctly, that option effectively removes the messages from your phone once they are successfully published. Is this similar to what you would like to accomplish?

Hope this helps!


Yes, I checked option “Auto Delete Messages” under “Automation” in Settings.
But in my case it only affects to “Incoming”, not to “Published”.


Oh ok, then it doesn’t look like there’s any provision to do it automatically. Sorry about that.

We are at Ushahidi are not putting resources on developer SMSSync further by now, but the code is definitely available for entrepreneuring developers to work on.


Hi David,

Where can I pick up the code? It’s a handy app, so I would love to put some resources/energy to improving it a bit for everyone.