Automated Click-Through Tour


One of Ushahidi instances, Voice of Kibera [], is going to be displayed in an environment where interaction with the site is not possible. The need is to "simulate" browsing through the site, without any interaction from the user. I figured this might be a need for other Ushahidi instances, in museums or at busy conferences, so I'm sharing here.

Simply, created a new controller/action [], and a new view []. The view is static; look for "function tour" for the definition of the automated clickthrough.

Each entry consists of an browsing action to take, and a delay in milliseconds. Should be relatively self-explanatory: there are functions to scroll to different elements on the page; to activate categories on the map; to activate report windows; and to browse to different pages of the site.

This can definitely be slicker (make it a plugin, define tour in the admin interface, some hardcoded stuff, etc) but it's a start.

If you find this concept or code useful, would be great to hear about it. If you need any guidance on it, feel free to get in touch.