Associate Forms to Categories


Hi There

I want to be able to create Forms which allow me to select a default option for the categories. For example, I want to create a form called “Providers” and when the user selects this form, the category “providers” should be selected by default. At least would be desirable as administrator to allow me to “enable” or “disable” to change the options in the categories. Thanks for your support


Why not associate fields according to the select caterogy. I will allow us to display fields according to the Caterogy selected by the user


Hi Jcvalle, Thanks for your note. As mentioned in my previous response, we are focusing on how to develop the next version of Ushahidi with 3.0.

We are doing some bug fixes for the last version. 2.X

The 2.7 release was two weeks ago.

Your thoughts on categories is interesting. I will share with the developer team.