Any deployments planned for local elections in 2013?


Hi all, I’m an Australian researcher designing a  project comparing different Ushahidi deployments. I am wondering if anyone has anything planned for 2012 - ideally, I am looking for a relatively small scale African deployment focusing on election monitoring. The research would involve collecting deployment data and interviewing participants and local and international NGOs to understand how they see/use the data.  I’d be grateful for any information on upcoming deployments like this.  Ideally the research would prove of use to local NGOs involved by providing a snapshot of a deployment. Thank you!


HI Sarah, Ushahidi is working on the .ke elections. Please watch our blog for more details on this. We will be doing a simulation next week.

It would be good for you to post this to our community mailing list too. Details on how to do this are on this wiki page -

Once a week, I post an Ushahidi weekly report outlining help wanted. This is posted on Wednesday (EDT). If you send me a summary with your contact details to hleson at ushahidi dot com, I can include your request.

In the meantime, here is our wiki page on elections -



Hi Heather - thank you so much for your reply. I am hopefully looking to compare the .ke deployment with a smaller scale deployment. Thank you for your links - I will post on the community forum asap and send you an email with the details of my request.

Much appreciated,