Android App APK


I want to customize the android app. I am new to android and would like to use Google AppInventor. To upload source it needs the APK. Where may I find this?

Also, what files would be required to change:

-the splash screen

-home page logo

-default server settings

-is it possible app can pull logo's from website on map, if not where can i change the default pinpoint logo for maps


The Android source code is freely available for download and tinkering. You can do all the above when you have access to the source code. For the apk, you need to download it from the Android Market. Search for "ushahidi" from the android market app or you can build it once you get hold of the source code.

If you pm, your email address I can send the APK to you.


I got a hold of the apk. App Inventor needs the project archive file. Is there a way to get this file to easily be able to edit with Google App Inventor?

Is there any instructions (wiki) for modifying Android/Iphone apps?


Not sure what Google APP inventor meant by project archive file. If its the source code, you can grab it from the repo( see my previous post ). Archive it and then send it to Google App Inventor.

There is no instructions documented yet as to how to modify the Android / iPhone app. However, you can easily do so if you read the source code.


I am not a developer, just a simple user trying to use the product. Since there is no documentation can you let me know which files that I can edit customize with Android/Iphone. I don't want to mess around with important code just want to change default settings and website name.



I used crowdmap to build a Ushahidi instance for my animal shelter. pls visit

I would like my mobile users to download an android app (customized for animal shelter) without any configuration in settings. Currently users need to download ushahidi from the android market and key in the website name in the 'settings.' Is there a documentation to setup a customized ushahidi mobile app? I would be comfortable using AppInventor, although I am not a programmer.Thank you.


hey guyz,

i'm having some problems compiling the android version source code in eclipse,


i'm a beginner in android programming

could anyone lend me a hand ?


Which source you are thinking to use to develop ?



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Can you suggest some sources to develop? As what @medrupelto has asked.

9apps vidmate