Android app 2.0, google maps API problem



I am working on a customization of the ushahidi android 2.0 app (for technical reasons i have to use this version on my old hardware).

Everything works fine, except the maps do not render. I see google logo and the grid, but no tiles. I am wondering if that has something to do with the discontinued google maps 1.0 API.

Can someone confirm whether this is an authentification issue? Is there something that can be done - do I need my own V1 api-key (which is no longer available)?

Any insight appreciated,



PS: the debug-console does not complain, except such warnings when i use the map:

05-16 12:26:51.419: W/BitmapDrawable(13144): BitmapDrawable cannot decode /data/data/


HI Dietoff, are you using the latest version of the Android app. We released a new version last week -



@dietoff, It is a map API problem. You’ll have to generate an API key. See – on how to build the app from source.

Let me know if you have other specific questions.


Thank you,

hleson - thanks for the pointer - i downloaded the latest version and will try to work with that. As I am using old hardware (running android level 8), i wanted to work from the older v2.0 version, which is also much lighter and easier to rewrite. so far i was not able to run 3.1.6 either…

eyedol - i got an API v2 key, but the 3.1.6 version does not run on my older hardware (with correct build target etc.), and the older ushahidi versions require a maps v1 key, which google does not allow you to generate anymore. I am currently trying to rewrite it for maps v2, but it seems that it would not run on the system (read somewhere it requires SDK >11)

I see the dilemma, but i would also think that especially Ushahidi, which is built for use in developing countries, should aim for compatibility with older systems, since the majority of cheap android phones still ship with android 2.2 and the like.



@dietoff, I’m not sure what your specific hardware requirements are. The current app version with maps v2 runs on old androids from 2.2( api level 8 ) and above. The only requirement for map v2 is to have the Google play service run on the device. Also, you cannot run map v2 on the emulators as Google doesn’t officially support that. Though there are workarounds on the internet to get it run on them.

What happened when you attempted to run the app on your 2.2 device?


Thanks eyedol  - it makes sense, and i suspect i have a problem that is not related to ushahidi - it seems the google play services util library does not run on my hardware although it is installed - therefore even the google api v2 map demos don’t work.

i will look into this, thanks for your help!