An installation for each subdomain


Hi everyone, let me just say that I discovered ushahidi yesterday and I'm already in love with it.

I've just one question: I manage a local site structured with many subdomains (ie., and I'd like to have e ushahidi installation for each one, in order to let user of newyork see the ny map as default, etc...

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance


Hi tcampaner,

We are working on this functionality right now. If you would like to help us out by bugfixing and giving us some feedback, head over to and add your address. I'll make sure you get into the beta. This site is being developed as open source so you'll be able to take it and use it once we fix any major bugs and write some documentation.



Was anything ever done with this? Are subdomains possible with Ushahidi along those lines? E.G. etc


HI Doug, I’ll circle back with the developer team on this question and see if it applies for 3.0


Hi Doug

Robbie advised that they are tracking 3.0 features on the wiki:

There's also a roadmap page: to keep track of what actually planned and can feasible be built in the near/mid-term.

As for this request :

"I'd say completely out of scope for 3.0, maybe as a 3.2+ kind of feature. Unless its something we end up spinning out for Ushahidi in the Cloud."  So, maybe.someday.