Adding new translations


I’m mentoring at a hackathon this weekend and one possible project is to localize Ushahidi. Given the constraints of a) developers not known in advance and b) a 36-hour window how would we go about doing translation.

If I attempt to do it via Transifex will we be stuck waiting for someone to approve the additional language/translation team/translators, etc.?

If we do it locally against our own git repository is there a way to extract the new localization back to Transifex?

If we do it locally should be producing the PHP array or the PO files?




HI!   Great stuff.

First up, please join us on skype to meet other folks - (add heatherleson to be connected)

Next, here are some docs on how to translate.

The translations with existing repos can be done without approval. Anyone can simply help out.

If is a new repo, we will need some notice to add it.  Please contact me asap on this as it is coming towards the weekend.

note there repos for mobile too:

Doing it via Github is a touch harder, please see the documents on how it works in the  links above.

Many thanks!





Thanks - one team did use Ushahidi for their solution and provided translations for ui_main and alerts in the process.

I followed the instructions online to turn their PHP arrays into .PO files and I’ve uploaded them to Transifex, so hopefully they will come through to later today.

I created a bn language by mistake (the actual translations are loaded as bn_BD. Do you know if there is any way to remove it from Transifex?




Thanks for doing this. I will work with the team to adjust this. We take a holiday until the new year.



Roger, did I still need to make changes to the the translation sets?

Let me know