Add Option To Display All Categories Symbolized At Once


It would be great to have a display of all features symbolized according to their individual layers. This way a viewer of the map would be able to visually compare the amount of reports for each category at once.

As an example on the website Winnipeg Murals News clicking on an All Categories display would show the amounts and distribution of both Lost and New murals at once and according to their colours and symbolization that I have chosen for those layers.


HI Bob, thanks for your note. I wanted to let you know that we are building forward in a few ways.

  1. new crowdmap is working on highly customizable posts and maps. Details and the User Guide can be found on the wiki -

  2. We are working to build out features for 3.0 - our next version of Ushahidi

I agree that layers is key to seeing different views. Here are some of the docs outlining how 3.0 will incorporate this -

It would be great to get your input on both these ways we are trying to serve the community. We’ll be hosting some community chats on this. stay tuned on the blog or mailing lists.