[3.1.1] I cannot make smssync send messages


This is the payload that SMSSync receives when pulling sms’s to send:

    "payload": {
        "task": "send",
        "secret": "123456",
        "messages": [
                "message": "Hola",
                "to": "+542920634942",
                "uuid": "0b7b5779-d5ce-4791-bedc-5ed99f40345c"

Then SMSSync sends this response through POST /?task=sent

  queued_messages: [ '0b7b5779-d5ce-4791-bedc-5ed99f40345c' ]

And I respond:

  "messages_uuids": ["0b7b5779-d5ce-4791-bedc-5ed99f40345c"]

Any idea what may be happening?

PD: when SMSSync receives a new message, it returns me this data:

  from: '+XXXXXXXXX', // a valid number
  message_id: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', // a valid ID 
  message: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', // the message
  sent_timestamp: 'XXXXXXXXXXXX', // a valid timestamp
  sent_to: '', // this cames empty, always
  device_id: 'XXXXXXX', // a valid device id

Android version: 5.0.1

This is what it logs:

Thank you!


I can confirm that every time it tries to send a sms, it crashes the app.


My guess it would be some problem with sending the messages through the Android stack, then. Unfortunately I can’t help much with that…

Have you tried with another phone?


Yes, I did. It didn’t work : (


You are setting a different uuid for different messages, right? Shouldn’t be the same.