[3.1.1] Cant send SMS back


Please help with this one.

SMSsync 3.1.1 configs:


  • Start SMSsync service: [ X ] checked
  • Custom web service: https://myserver.com/sms
  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Data Format: URLencoded
  • Payload Keys: (all default: secret, from, message_id, message, sent_timestamp, sent_to, device_id)

Settings - Messages

  • Get Reply from Server: [ X ] checked

Settings - Automation

  • Auto Delete Messages: [ X ] checked
  • Auto Delete Pending Messages: [ X ] checked


  • all unchecked


  • There are no more published messages

Enable Logs

  • [ X ] checked
  • There are no log messages to be shown

+5511998761234 [11:57]
Testing SMSsync gateway

When I press “Publish” it sends the SMS infos to my server:
[secret] => 12345
[from] => +5511998761234
[message] => Testing SMSsync gateway
[sent_timestamp] => 1599793069000
[sent_to] => +5511000000001
[message_id] => 9957c710-bb2e-4acf-b5a9-5e8dcaa4ac8f
[device_id] => AF-DF-EF-FF

{"payload":{"sucess":"true","error":null,"secret":"12345","task":"send","messages":[{"to":"+5511998761234","message":"I received your test message.","uuid":"9957c710-bb2e-4acf-b5a9-5e8dcaa4ac8f"}]}}

But… Nothing happens on SMSsync:

  • “There are no log messages to be shown”
  • The message continues on Incoming.
  • No message is sent back to user

Could you please point me what’s missing?

Thank you for any help.


Yea, this hasn’t been working lately, as far as I know.

If I recall correctly , some Android major release broke outgoing SMS (maybe it was Android 6 or 7… it was a while ago). Not 100% sure what exactly the problem was.


Ohh… So bad…

And do you know if SMSsync could log some infos about the attempts of sending messages so we could try to understand whats going wrong?


Sorry @francisco I don’t really know… I do remember that there’s not a whole lot of logging by default, maybe debugging via USB turns some useful info.