150 000 sms numbers on my jop list


Hello, I have a sms number list with 150 000 contact agreed to receive promotion.

My question is, how many sms it possible to send by minute with the software ?

I have unlimited sms plan and my list is legit. After bypass the limit of 100/hours of my android do you know if the provider block after X number by hours ?

I try to call with my cellphone support about this issue but the staff have not real anwser about that. All look legal but no information provided about the maximum and statistic.

thank everyone.


Using your normal GSM or phone number is profile to sending P2P sms which is slower, while can’t you ask for an A2P service from your provider and I will also advise you to setup FrontlineSMS it’s much better handling P2P messages… let me know if you need further assistance on any of my recommendation.