Feature requests

MMS reporting capability? (1)
Improved control of forms and alerts (1)
Get coordinates from phone when submitting report on mobile version (3)
Green Categories? (6)
Ushahidi with Event time, with deadlines and so on (6)
Lack of user friendly description (4)
Message conversations (2)
Change the default alert radius for "get alerts" (4)
More than 1 Location for each Incident (2)
Discussion Forums, Chats? (3)
Email link (3)
Customizing Ushahidi platform (2)
Ushahidi and jsonp (3)
Hide email address (2)
New map layers (ala haiti.ushahidi.com) (14)
Language " arabic" (10)
Progess tracking in time line and customized searches (2)
Media functionality switch (2)
More options to edit and log reports (2)
Developing Drupal/ Wordpress Modules for Ushahidi sharing (6)
Be able to specify unique & user-friendly meta titles and descriptions (3)
Ushahidi Multi-Site (5)
Custom Map provider option (2)
Any paid programmers to mod mobile apps? (1)
Katerva.org to use Ushahidi for network map (1)
Alert via SMS (1)
Mobile Friendly Theme Addon (1)
Forms: html / extra fields not visible on the report form (7)
Change media filter in home page for other fields (1)
This may already exist... Change timespan for home page (3)